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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Freshen Up That Pizza

Sometimes I just feel like a really easy meal. You know, like a frozen pizza. But I can't stand the thought of consuming all of the fat that comes with it when there is often little nutrient value in most pizzas. So I have started to freshen up our pizzas.

I purchase a basic pizza like cheese or spinach garlic mushroom, or spicy chicken. Then I cut up all kinds of fresh veggies (mostly from our garden) like Peppers, cherry tomatoes, Squash, onions, etc. Then I add the low fat turkey pepperonis for my husbands sake:).

These pizzas are always delicious! If you can find one with whole wheat crust, you're all the more healthy.

Have Fun and be Daring and Creative! You might surprise yourself on how much you enjoy it!

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